Cat 10 years
Domestic Short Hair, Black & White
Dr Michael J Burke B V Sc, SA

's tat u?

Job title

Official Greeter

My day-to-day task list

I greet each and every client, patient, person that comes through the front door. Freak out people and their dogs!

My favourite things

Freaking out people as they walk in the front door!

My naughtiest habit

Freaking out the dogs at the reception desk!

What do my clients think of me?

Upon entering the clinic they are initially taken aback, but they have grown to love me.

Other things you should know about me

I had a sister cat that had a right regal sitting pose, but a toddler came along and dropped her, thus placing a hole in her derriere and making it impossible for her to sit properly anymore.

Now I am the soul clinic cat but I do love my position of power as I great all that cross the threshold of our clinic door. My favourite treat is to be patted, but not on my head though because that is soooo demeaning!

Despite my not being at all fussy with my food, I have managed to maintain my lovely slim figure, even given my now advancing years

My utmost favourite hobby is teasing the silly dogs at the front reception desk……Oh how I do love watching them jumping up and down, trying to work out why I just wont move….sssshhhhhh, it’s because I am a “Supercat”!