Charlie 2 years
Domestic Short Hair, Black and White
Marulan Veterinary Hospital, NSW

Job title

Receptionist / Veterinary Nurse

My day-to-day task list

Well, firstly each morning I like to make sure that everyone who is working today has received one of my famous headbutts. I then continue throughout my morning chasing the other nurses away from my patients. The clinic I work in often fosters baby kittens and I really enjoy playing the daddy role, so I then continue my day playing with my newest children. Then I make my way back out to the reception desk when I hear someone come in to make sure that they have been served and that anything they need has been acquainted for. By the end of the day I am so exhausted that I often find myself a warm snuggly spot on the reception desk and I go to sleep.

My favourite things

My first favourite thing is chasing the clients into the consult room until they pat me, and then I love to sit up on the reception desk and lay on top of the keyboard and help the other receptionists out. I also love to lay on the heater under the window in the sun looking out the window, where I can spy on everyone coming into the clinic.

My naughtiest habit

Well, my other colleagues would probably say that knocking over their coffee on a daily basis is very naughty because most of the time I tend to do it to be cheeky, not just because I only have one eye and three legs and am very un-coordinated.

What do my clients think of me?

They love me, I mean how could then not? I am the most handsome one eyed three legged cat I've ever seen.