Coco 16 years
Birman, Seal Point
Dee Why Veterinary Hospital, NSW

Coco for Clinic Cat Glory 2016

Job title


My day-to-day task list

Some of my day-to-day tasks include sleeping, eating, greeting clients, visits to the cattery, some more sleeping, oh and eating!

My favourite things

I enjoy the finer things in life. These include eating the best seafood cuisine, my summer lion clip , a chin massage & sun backing in the backyard.

My naughtiest habit

My naughtiest habit would be making sneaking visits to the clinic cattery & telling all the boarders who is boss!

What do my clients think of me?

Some clients get a little frightened where they hear me meow. I have been told i don't have the most gracious voice in the cat world! My vocal skills have been described as many different things. These include and enraged pterodactyl, of demon decent, "What is that noise? Sounds like a dying animal". I think i sound like an angel when i speak.