Eddie 7 years
Domestic Medium Hair, Black & White
Hobson's Bay Vet Clinic, VIC

"Gimmie Chicken"

Job title

C.E.O at Hobson's Bay Vet Clinic

My day-to-day task list

I begin my day by asking my people for breakfast. Some days my demands are not met straight away, I think they take some satisfaction in watching me starve to death. Eventually after singing the song of my people loud enough for all to hear, one of them will notice me starving and bring me chicken. My people will then groom me because as CEO, I can't be expected to do everything. I will then proceed to find a comfortable place to rest my beautiful head and have a nap. It seems most places I choose to get some beauty sleep, is always the wrong place for these people that I let work for me. They seem to always want to use the computer whilst I'm sleeping. I don't know how much longer I can tolerate this

My favourite things

I'm a simple man, fill my belly with delicous food and find a cosy place to sleep then I'm happy.

My naughtiest habit

Well I don't think this is naughty, but the ones with 2 hands tell me that pulling all of the tissues out of the tissue boxes is not acceptable behaviour. I'm sure they scatter the clinic with these boxes just to mock me

What do my clients think of me?

Is this a trick question? What else would my fans think of me? I am loved, adored, admired, worshipped, appreciated and respected as all amazing and ridiculously handsome CEOs should be

Other things you should know about me

If it wasn't for me, Hobsons's Bay Vet Clinic would not be the clinic it is today. That is all.