Eddie "Spaghetti" 12 years
Domestic Short Hair, Black
East Port Veterinary Hospital, NSW

Born to be Wild

Job title

Practice Manager

My day-to-day task list

Sleeping in my basket. Eating. Wandering around the premises. Hiding in cupboards. Keeping the dog patients in line, I need to make sure they know who is boss, even if it takes a clip around the ears to make sure they understand. Meowing to go out & come in just so I can watch people come to my beck & call. Hanging up while people are on the phone. Typing. Searching for liver treats. Being a sticky beak in the delivery van.

My favourite things

Liver Treats & Tuna.

My naughtiest habit

Going from consult to consult & waiting for the room to be empty so I can push the treat container off the counter top & pop the lid off to have a feast on my favourite snack...LIVER TREATS!!!

What do my clients think of me?

I definately have my fans & my sceptics. Mostly I am adored...how could you not...check out my pics...HELLO handsome!

Other things you should know about me

I found my forever home at East Port Veterinary Hospital 11 Years ago when I was brought in to the hospital as a stray suffering tick paralysis. I wooed the girls with charm & charisma & soon found myself settling in there as a permanent resident. I recovered well from the tick paralysis. I have also had orthopedic surgery & stem cell treatment. I definately came to the right place for treatment, care, & alot of love.