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Flathead aka Flatty 13 years

DSH , Tabby
Cairns Vet Clinic, QLD

Job title

Chief Taste Tester/ Cardboard Box Inspector

My day-to-day task list

Each day I indulge in my hobbies which include grooming myself on top of Dr. Richards sports car, pretending I've been locked out/in/out/in/... you get the idea, teasing patients in the waiting room/consulting room/hospital & car park, demanding treats, playing hide and go seek and cuddling/assaulting my staff.

My favourite things

Metabolic & Greenie cat treats, other patients uneaten food, hiding in the delivery boxes, snoozing in the sun, honing my ninja skills, and racing the nurses between consult rooms.

My naughtiest habit

If you do not pat me correctly or you have been patting me for too long (or not long enough) I will bite, scratch and hiss at you to make sure you know how badly you messed up.

What do my clients think of me?

My clients sometimes think that I am a stray when I sit at the front door and look longingly through the glass, that's when the nurses let me in and tell the clients about how I run this clinic. Our clients who have known and visited me for a long time sometimes say things like "Oh, she's still here!" or "Wasn't her tail longer than that?"

Other things you should know about me

Hi Guys! My name is Flathead and you may know me from previous titles such as 'I prefer wet food', 'How to annoy Canine patients 101' and 'The nurses locked me out!'. I arrived at Cairns Vet Clinic 13 years ago as a stray kitten who had had an argument with oncoming traffic and came out second best, this is how I got my name! As I grew up my head took a more normal shape and hardly anyone notices it anymore. In my lifetime I've experienced some interesting procedures including a tail amputation and more recently a diagnoses of Sqaumous Cell Carcinoma. My staff were all very sad when they found out and now I get extra treats and get away with more than ever but my diagnoses hasn't slowed me down one bit!

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner