Gus the Bus 11 years
DSH, Tabby
Everton Park Veterinary Surgery, QLD

If you don't vote for me, I will find you...and I will lick you.

Job title

Practice Manager and debt collector (cash, cards and greenies accepted).

My day-to-day task list

Oversee the daily runnings of the practice. Quality control of different food items. Pest Control in my courtyard, I also engage in the evolution of the fish in my fish pond, unfortunately if you are slow enough for me to catch you .... well... I think we know the end to that tale.

My favourite things

I remain impartial to most things in life except of course my food and my reclining chair. I like my humans somewhat, but food is my real passion. During my hey day I weighed a beautiful 12kg. I was then handed in when my old lady friend couldn't care for me any longer, so now these new so called 'friends' put me on a ration of obesity diet. urgh. I have to say though, I've never looked quite this devishly handsome.

My naughtiest habit

Eating the letters off the keyboards at work. I wanted my humans to always remember me when they can't use the letter P or G in their clinical reports. I like to think I'm boosting their problem solving skills and creative flare. I also eat skinks in front of clients, and have been known to hang up on clients mid conversation when I engaged in a bunting session with the telephone.

What do my clients think of me?

Oh Please. I have my clients wrapped around my little paws. I had a little outdoor foray where my humans stupidly thought I was missing and low and behold 12,000 views on facebook later and late night search parties I was on the back step again waiting patiently for my food the following morning. I can guarantee all my clients are smitten. I swear some people don't even have sick animals they just want to come and see me.. Apparently I am therapeutic.