Jinx 3 years
Domestic Short Hair, Black
Cottesloe Vet, WA

Feeeeeeeed Me!!

Job title

Food Quality Control

My day-to-day task list


My favourite things

Food and looking at water.

My naughtiest habit

Breaking into 15kg bags of Dog food. (But I blame my Step-brother)

What do my clients think of me?

They think I'm a bit different.

Other things you should know about me

I came to Cottesloe Vet nearly 1 year ago, I had been hit by a car and some lovely people from a local cafe brought me in to be looked after. I was pretty banged up with a broken pelvis and a broken jaw along with some head injuries. After about a month of cage rest, good drugs, cuddles and some operations I was well enough to meet the other clinic cat, Ninja. Since then we have become good friends. Not everything is fixed, my eyes work a bit differently and I am shy around the other cats and dogs that come in but I am slowly getting more confident and like to meet some of the clients now.  I am the boss of Ninja and remind him of the fact often.