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Kaya 3 years

Domestic Shorthair, Torbie (tabby/tortie)
Windaroo Veterinary Surgery, QLD

"Time spent with a cat is never wasted"

Job title

Supurrvisor and induction trainer for new rescue cats- they need to be taught the ropes!

My day-to-day task list

Beg for breakfast, eat breakfast as fast as possible to allow time to request additional food before the human gets on with their daily tasks. Much of the day is spent either curled up next to a human to steal their warmth. *ahem*... I mean, provide them with some warmth from my fur... I also like to sit anywhere up high so I can supurrvise the daily activities and check they meet my standards.

My favourite things

The mysterious red dot- it has always managed to escape regardless of my attempts to capture it. I loveeeee my 'da bird' toy. Once I've caught it, I will try to run off with it. I like stalking birds through the window and 'chattering' to tell the humans how much I want to play with the birdies. I love cuddles, am very smoochy and always meet the humans at the door. I love to sit on or directly next to them

My naughtiest habit

My human says my worst habits are related to my love of food- I have once swallowed a chicken neck whole (whoops. I brought that back up) but I have learnt which bowl is mine, and that I'm only allowed to eat from that one bowl!

What do my clients think of me?

I am a bit timid of new people in my house, but when I am at the clinic or other houses I am happy and outgoing, people seem to love me- who wouldn't?

Other things you should know about me

As much as I love my current human, and as much as she loves me, this isn't my furrever home. I was brought in as a stray and no owner could be found. So my human has been caring for me and is trying to find a good furrever home- I'm up for adoption! I get along with other cats provided they stand up for themselves- I can sometimes be a bit naughty and test the limits, but if they tell me off I listen. I can be a little timid until I get to know people. But then I become very outgoing! 


If you are interested in giving me a home, please contact Windaroo Veterinary Surgery and ask for Laura!

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner