Larry 8 months
Domestic Long Hair X Ragdoll, Black and White
Lane Cove Veterinary Hospital, NSW

Look, I'm really good looking

Job title

Client relations manager, veterinary student

My day-to-day task list

Going to work chauffeured on a heated seat, ensuring the clients are happy, ensuring the nurses are happy, ensuring the vets...well

My favourite things

I am a socialite, gentleman and deal with naughty dogs in a very mature manner... by hissing and running away

My naughtiest habit

None. I'm perfect.

What do my clients think of me?

I love greeting everyone when they come in, be it clients, dogs, rabbits or my fellow felines. When clients see me, they think wow you're easy going and good looking, as if Mr Darcy and McDreamy had a cat. One at a time ladies...

Other things you should know about me

A kind lady brought me in to Lane Cove Vets when I was a kitten. I've grown very fond of my forever home and am always up for a good petting. I want to become a vet when I grow up.