Leroy 3 years
DSH, White & Ginger
Forrestfield Vet Hospital, WA

New cat on the block

Job title

Food critic, fairy godfather to all kittens & keyboard warrior!

My day-to-day task list

As soon as my minion nurse comes in the morning I make my hunger known by meowing continuously until I am fed my feast! Once my belly is full I let the nurses (minions) and vets greet me with cuddles and pats and then usually retire to the comfy chair in the office or squeeze my wide toosh under one of the cages for my morning siesta. I then get disturbed by the noises from the kitchen which let me know its time for lunch and my time to put on my best “puss in boots” impression to score myself a little taste of what is on the menu. I spend the rest of the day following my servants around waiting for them to sit so I can pounce on their laps for a sleep, failing this I begrudgingly go to my 3 storey apartment for a snooze. As the day comes to an end I am again voicing my NEED for food and I am given yet another feast for dinner and I get tucked in my snuggly bed for the night.

My favourite things

Bec (the nurse who rescued me), food, being baby-daddy to the foster kittens before they move on to their furever homes & making sure they are as clean as can be & food. Suckling on my bed at night, clawing my windows in my apartment because they just aren’t big enough. Nothing makes my day more special then when I get called “Handsome” and food!!!

My naughtiest habit

I am never naughty…however my minions and vets would say that when I stick my tail in their faces while they are trying to use the computers can be quite annoying. I’ve also been caught out one or two times taste testing the patients treat jar in the consult room. But I am only making sure they are of top quality!

What do my clients think of me?

I have only recently passed my induction as the clinic cat so I am a still a little bit shy when it comes to going out to say hello. But the few who have met me can not take their hands off me! I’m so damn cute!

Other things you should know about me

I started out living under the High Wycombe Vet Hospital(sister clinic to Forrestfield) as a stray for a year before I let anyone near me. I was a little shy and ran away whenever anyone got too close but during this time Bec and the other nurses started leaving me bowls of food and water just near my hidey hole under the hospital and I began to realise that these people were really nice. One day I had a little accident and it left me with a large wound under my left foreleg and when Bec came out to feed me I decided to go up and show her my injury and she quickly took me inside where the lovely team stitched me up as good as new, during my recovery everyone fell for my boyish good looks and smoochy personality and I have never looked back since! I now live at the Forrestfield Vet Hospital and I have never been happier!