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Louise 4 years

Domestic Short Hair, Tabby and White
Kojonup Veterinary Hospital, WA

My Journey of Self Enlightenment

Job title

Master of Human Minions

My day-to-day task list

Primary client liason, waiting room chief of security, assessor of client vehicles and horse floats, sleep, bedding assessor, sleep, lounging on front counter.

My favourite things

warm spots, stealing comfy chairs, antagonising canines of any breed, antagonising humans that distrust superior felines.

My naughtiest habit

Quality Control aka chewing out the corner of countless bags of dog food in an effort to maintain high standards of taste

What do my clients think of me?

They just love me, who wouldn't with these classic striking looks and charm and grace. Now I am a solo flyer I am even more lovable as carry on the amazing customer relations work, that my sister and I used to perform as a team.

Other things you should know about me

To my minions, I am known as Louise. I am the primary director and owner of the Kojonup Veterinary Hospital in the Great Southern of Western Australia. I am still adjusting to life without my fur sister and life partner in crime Thelma, whom we tragically lost from our lives late last year.

Thus I am on a journey of self enlightenment, in my quest to find my true place in this world without my bestie and co-conspirator. My human minions have been very supportive and my fans and clients have all rallied around me in my time of need.

Fortunately I now do not need to feel remorse when I swipe at a rambunctious canine who is interrupting my zen space on the front counter or when a sub standard section of the human race who does not worship feline's, decrees to make their mislead view known, I am well within my bounds to swiftly use my polished teeth to good measure.

I feel that I am now in the right place to launch my new public profile, as the world is lacking a certain chic, cultivated persepective that I am more than suitably qualifed to imbue. I am looking forward to seeing how my minions are able to promote my profile. As I am above the menial task of using technology to promote myself, I  am trusting that task to them. Watch this space people, Louise is about to rock your world.

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner