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Macavity 2 years

Domestic Short Hair, Ginger
Redlands Veterinary Clinic, QLD

Keep Calm and Have a Snuggle Buddy

Job title

Patient Concierge: CSO of Redlands Vet Clinic (AKA Chief Snuggle Officer )

My day-to-day task list

Provision of snuggles to all REDVET Team Members to boost team morale, supervision of Kitten Kindy, visiting patients to cheer them up, greeting clients (although I am a very busy kitty so sometimes I need to stay out the back where the action is happening!), interrupting vets when they are trying to do paper work to remind them that I need cuddles too!

My favourite things

I LOVE cuddles and I LOVE eating!!!! Most of my time is spent racing around the hospital checking on patients, providing stress relief to the vets and nurses and just generally boosting team morale with my extreme cuteness (I am not being arrogant, that's just what all the girls say!!). I love other cats too and sometimes I supervise Kitten Kindy, which the clinic runs as part of their kitten and cat rescue program. I love telling all the new rescue babies how lucky they are and just how good life can be!

My naughtiest habit

I HATE it when the vets, nurses and admin team members type on their computers or read their textbooks instead of paying attention to me. I make my disdain known by laying on the keyboard, hitting keys with my paws and just generally making sure they play with me instead of doing boring paper work.

What do my clients think of me?

I love all of my clients, and they seem to love me too!!! Certainly the girls tell me that people are always asking after me, and on special occasions like Christmas, I get so many presents and treats! I think my Kitten Kindy babies also love the mentorship - it can be a scary life before you are lucky enough to arrive at RVC and they love hearing stories from my past and of other successful Kitten Kindy Graduates

Other things you should know about me

I was dumped at Redlands Veterinary Clinic at Christmas time after I had been trapped in a cat trap
and left for dead. I had been in the trap for I don't know, at least 4 days, and was so hungry, thirsty
and tired. I could tell that Dr Kat and her team were shocked at my appearance but I was so
terrified of what was happening to me, it took me a few days to let them near me. I heard the words
'infested with fleas and worms', 'dehydrated', 'anaemic' and 'critical' thrown around several times,
and know they had to give me a lot of treatment and medication to get me feeling better. It took me
about two months to trust everyone, but now I love all the team at RVC. I love my new job
managing all the patients in hospital, and I am kept very busy. Sometimes I have to keep an eye on
what my vets are doing (see my picture where I was about to check a dose rate in Plumb's) and
always make sure all our patients get enough hugs and cuddles!!

I had a rough start and so need some special care and attention. Apparently because I was so
malnourished as a kitten, my development was a bit compromised, so I have what they call an
'angular limb deformity' and sometimes have a sensitive tummy. I am very lucky because I am fed
the best premium cat food and anytime I am feeling a bit off the RVC team go nuts running every
test possible to make sure I am ok. My biggest special need is lots of love and cuddles, and I see to
it that I get plenty of them every day!

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner