Marmalade 6 years
domestic short hair, white, black, orange
Rose Bay Veterinary Hospital, NSW

Job title

Vet Hospital Cat Extraordinaire

My day-to-day task list

I start each day by grooming myselft to perfection. Maintaining daily beautification is of utmost importance. After I remind my vet nurses it is time for breakfast, I come downstairs to greet all of the incoming patients for the day. Mornings can be quite busy and hectic here, so I do my best to maintain a calm demeanour. Many of the clients will come pet me, or introduce me to their pets while they await their turn to see the vet. Mornings are followed by a nap in the sunshine, then a visit to the hospitalized animals. If any cat needs a blood transfusion, I'm happy to donate to the cause! And if there are orphaned kittens, sometimes I can spend time teaching them grooming techniques and how to behave. Before my nurses and vet staff leave for the day, I remind them it's dinner time with my infectious meow.

My favourite things

I love treats and leftovers. The best days are when the nurses of staff open a tin of cat food and forget to put it in the refrigerator. I never let the open tins go to waste! I also quite enjoy napping on insurance claim forms and empty boxes from pet supply deliveries. I take great pleasure in sitting on someone's lap who needs a bit of comfort. Usually they will pat me and remark how I've made them feel better by being such a lovely cat. I absolutely adore compliments as well.

My naughtiest habit

The humans seem to get upset when I chew open bags of cat and dog food. Honestly, I like to think of myself as a food critic though. Who else is going to do the taste testing around here?

What do my clients think of me?

I am complimented daily on my calm, relaxing nature. Naturally, they also often comment on my shiny, clean coat.