Marvin 3 years
DSH, Black/White
Dr Spot's (Campbelltown North Animal Hospital), NSW

For the love of all adoption kittens - Uncle Marvin wants to win!

Job title

'Uncle Marv’ for the adoption kittens, the face of our Facebook page, second in command, security, emotional support, pest control, seat warmer, entertainment, welcoming party, quality control and food taster!

My day-to-day task list

In the mornings I am waiting patiently at my cage door for my humans to pick me up and take me to my food bowl (although sometimes they are late and I must remind them by doing crazy runs down the hallways as they pass by!). Other than my lunch time meal and my dinner which are obviously the most important part of my day - I generally like to hang about near reception in our old sale basket where I sleep in the sun and will greet some of our patients as they come in if I am feeling social. I also love to have a stare-off with our resident cockatoos through the window. I usually have a bit of a romp around with any adoption kittens we have during lunch to teach them how to be as awesome as me - you can only learn from the best right?

My favourite things

I love to sneak into consult rooms when the vet isn't looking. I also love to say hello to my furry friends who visit by sitting on their carry cages - it's my own personal touch! I also love to pester my humans several hours before I am due for a feed (I just love to hear them call out my name!)

My naughtiest habit

I think my naughtiest habit is breaking into the food bags around the clinic when my humans are late with my food - I tried to explain to them it was for quality checks but I don't think they believed me.

What do my clients think of me?

My clients absolutely adore me and always love to have a pat or cuddle when they come in. They love my cool, calm and collected 'cat'titude when their little furry friends and kits come over to say hello. We have lots of clients who will always say hi to me or even ask where I am if I am not in my usual spot in reception. We have even had several clients who have dropped past on their way home JUST to say hi to me - I felt very special on those days!

Other things you should know about me

I would love for you to visit my array of photos that my clients adore - They love to see my day-to-day antics and watch what I get up to (whilst also seeing lots of other info and updates about our clinic!)


I would also love to let everyone know that I am doing this competition to help all of those adoption kittens out there. I was one once and I want to try and show them that you CAN find a good home where you will be loved and cared for - don't lose hope!

My brother and I were dropped off at the clinic as adoption kittens when we were only little fur balls. As we grew older (and bigger) our appeal to people wanting a new cat dwindled. We became too big for our adoption cage and our clinic had to decide what was going to happen. Our clinic had lost their 22 year old cat just under a year beforehand and they felt it was time to have another furry presence. That was when they decided to adopt ME as their new clinic cat and take the new role of looking after everybody at the clinic (whilst their manager took home my brother – so we still meet every once in a while!).