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Matilda 1 year

Domestic Shorthaired, Calico
Greencross Vets Clifford Park, QLD

"Matilda" Aussie by birth, Princess by choice

Job title

Public Relations manager

My day-to-day task list

7.30am - My human slaves hehe arrive to feed me & I don't stop pestering them until I have had my spoonful of wet food. 8.00am The ckinic is now open so all my adoring fans can come in and worship me, then it's off to my sheepskin mat at pride of place on the reception desk for a snooze. 10.30 Morning tea time, time for a spot of warm milk, then it's off to pre heat the mats for our recovering patients in the kennel room. 1.30 Lunch time & I always mange to score somthing yummy from one of my well trained staff, then it's off for an afternoon nap to get ready for afternoon consults. 3.00pm Afternoon consults as the Public relations manager it's my role to ensure that every client has the "Tilly" experience by letting them have a snuggle with me. 6.00pm Kock of time not my favourite part of the day as my humans go home for the night, but I'm left with a warm snuggly bed, food & water, plenty of toys and the whole kennel room to myself to party in unless we have a patient in then it's my job to do the nursing night shift to ensure they are safe and sound over night.

My favourite things

Favourite things well I have a few. Up there there would be lying in the sun preferably at the frount door like a mat so everyone has to step over me. Something else I like doing is watching out the window from my scratch post at the busy world whizzy by. And lets not forget about eating maybe that should be my number 1. Yes definately number my 1 thing I love to do.

My naughtiest habit

Naughtiest habit well if you ask my humans they'd say nothing, Princess right HEHE but I would say not realising that I'm a 5kg kitty and wanting to meet & greet everyone that comes to my realm even if they are a 60kg Rottiweiler that thinks I may taste a little like chicken and still I won't move out the way. Once again Princess.

What do my clients think of me?

What do clients think of me? Well I think that they see me as somthing a bit special & always ask for me if I'm not of my throne on the frount desk waiting for a pat (sometimes a Princess needs her personal space to groom and look her best for her adoring public). I have quite a few parents that are forbidden by there kids to come to the clinic with out them as the tatrums that go on if they find out there've seen Tilly with out them.

Other things you should know about me

Not sure if many of you know that I came to the clinic as a 4 week old kitten in a pretty bad way. I was very thin, cold and very hungry. But with the love and support of my now human family it didn't take long to bounce back. I was to be rehomed once back to health but my charm & cuteness solved that, the girls hearts melted and they fell in love (whats not to love right) so I stayed. As I was found dumped in the bush and had that Aussie fighting spirit to survive they name me Matilda (Tilly for short), and the rest is history. This is and will always be my Fureva home and I love that.    

Puuuuuurfectly yours Matilda

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner