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Milky Moo Moo 10 years

Domestic Short Hair, White
Wentworth Falls Animal Hospital, NSW

Job title

Official Pest Exterminator, Official Moral Campaign Manager and Food Connoisseur

My day-to-day task list

I wake up at 7 am sharp every day and start my morning ritual of meowing loudly until someone lets me out of my lounging suite. Once I'm out I chase that person and pester them until they feed me. I call this "Operation: Get food". Then I wait until the first client of the morning arrives and I promptly have a seat in front of their animal just far enough away that they can't reach me but close enough for them the see that I am giving them the "Stink eye". I do this until they bow in my presence. All this takes up a lot of energy so i then need to take my 6 hour power nap. I usually find the most inconvenient spot where all the staff members are trying to work and plonk my fluffy white derriere right there. Sometimes I get moved around but I always make it my mission to keep choosing spots that will enrage the hospital patients and the staff. I must keep them on their toes! Once my power has been restored I commence the second part of "Operation: Get food."

My favourite things

I am absolutely obsessed with warm towels straight from the dryer. Oh how I love to hide under them and roll about. I am also partial to a freshly emptied cardboard box. I did once try to fit into an empty 20ml syringe box.....I think successfully but my underlings scoffed at me. My number one favourite thing is roast chicken. So if you are looking at getting me a present, this would be my pick.

My naughtiest habit

If they have to put one of the hospital patients in my lounging suite I will go into the x-ray room and poop and wee on the floor. I do not condone lounge suite sharing! I also like to wait until the Vet has just sat down at the desk to do some work and do a big poo in the litter tray. I love seeing the look on his face when the smell wafts over to him!

What do my clients think of me?

The clients always praise my beautiful blue eyes and pristine white coat. When client's that I really like come in I hop on their laps and pad them. If I really like them I make them hold me like a baby and drool copious amounts of saliva all over them. Some clients mention my weight..... I give those client's the "Stink eye". I can't help it if I'm big boned!

Other things you should know about me

I came into the clinic on a cold Winters night. A young boy had found me at the Wentworth Falls Train station all by myself when I was only about 3 months old. When the staff saw me with my little cold pink nose and fluff ball white coat, they knew that I just had to stay. Ever since I have had them wrapped around my powder puff white paws!

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner