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Miss Puss 7 years

Territory Special, Tabby
Litchfield Vet Hospital, NT

Simple. Sassy. Striking.

Job title

Ruler of the Vet Nurses!

My day-to-day task list

It's 6:52am.. ugh.. The morning nurses have arrived and I now have to get enthused about starting my now long and exhausting day! I shriek and meow until I am let out from bed, I then go for my morning crazy run outside and scare the inpatients who are out for their toilet breaks! It is now 7:10am.. My god I am ravishing! I head to reception and pester the nurses for my breakfast greenies, YUM! I then continue to wonder the hallway meowing while the nurses go about the morning routine with the vets. 9am.. time to greet the incoming clients for the next 2.5 hours during consults. 10am... I'm bored so I take to laying across the whole reception lounge and sunbake and make sure no one sits next to me during my peaceful time. 1pm, the staff usually come and pester me and give me attention whilst I'm relaxing, 1:05pm Oh my a bird has come to visit! I meow and make silly noises frantically and attempt to stalk him but that blasted window is in my way again! 4pm, afternoon consults begin and I decide to take a risk and try to flirt with the staffy who is trying desperately to get his teeth into me! I love watching owners struggle to control their inferior dogs! 5:30-6pm, The nurses have had enough of my shennanigans and make me go to bed! I protest for about 5 minutes, make sure i dirty my litter tray so they have to clean it and BAM I make my escape! 6:30pm... Darn... back in bed. Oh well until tomorrow I guess I better rest and think out a new strategy!

My favourite things

(please read/sing to the tune of My favourite things from the sound of music): Eating roast chicken and my nurses are smitten, Sunbaking daily and under "boss" my first name is written. Pestering the dogs awaiting the vet, these are a few of my favourite things! Cuddles from Stacey and head butts with Neak, Greenies from Lani and Steff acts as though i'm not a freak! Jade watches me as I torment the birds, these are a few of my favourite things!!! When the dog strikes! When the needle stings, when I'm feeling mad! I simply remember my favourite things and then I dont feel... So bad!!!

My naughtiest habit

Well I personally don't think I have any bad habits, But I do notice that the girls hate when I scavenge for their lunches! A crack of that tuna tin and I come running! The sizzle of sandwhiches grilling, I'm there waiting! The funny thing is the girls eventually give in and share their lunch with me; and once it hits the floor I go running in the opposite direction and ultimately ruin part of their feast! Harsh words are said at the time but they still love me!

What do my clients think of me?

My popularity certainly increased with my state win of Clinic cat 2015. I still have my loyal fans who have loved me since day one, and they still think I walk on water despite what the vets and nurses tell them otherwise!

Other things you should know about me

See regular updates about me on my clinics Facebook page: Litchfield Vet Hospital.

My nurses couldn't let me get away with just ONE naughty habit... Apparently it is frowned upon to sleep on the specialist surgeons equipment.. i.e kits, instruments, drill packs, drapes etc.. I get quite the scolding but I swear I am only protecting it from evil dust bunnies!

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner