Monkey 5 years
DSH, Tabby and white
Seddon Vet Hospital, VIC

2016 Year of the Monkey Cat!!! Taking over the world one paw at a time :)

Job title

Seddon Vet Hospital CEO

My day-to-day task list

MEOW well were do I begin, as there are so many important tasks that I need to do......Well firstly it is critical that when my slaves walk into the clinic in the morning that they drop everything, forget their morning coffee its all about ME!! Once I have a full belly of food its time to wander out to reception and do some meeting and greeting to our wonderful clients & pets. A bit of sunbaking in the window and if the slaves are all busy working then I even might sneak up onto the reception desk for some quality control checking of the dog treats!! Now this takes a lot out of me so its best to have an afternoon nap on one of my beds scattered around the clinic. Then the day is almost over and its a bit more attention seeking from the clients before dinner and bed! Such a tough life I lead :)

My favourite things

Hmmm food, food and you guessed it food!!! Also do love my sleep especially on my favourite pillow at the back door in the afternoon sun!

My naughtiest habit

Me naughty? Never!! I don't see that jumping into prams and hiding in shopping bags is a naughty habit, its very entertaining

What do my clients think of me?

they just love me just the way I am :)

Other things you should know about me

 I have 3 legs, no tail and not much between the ears.....but everyone still loves me!! MEOW