Ninja 2 years
Domestic Short Hair, Black
Cottesloe Vet, WA


Job title


My day-to-day task list

I Play with the animals that come in even the ones who don't like me.

My favourite things

I love catching bugs (and im good at it)

My naughtiest habit

Stealing other patients beds and jumping out on my step sister.

What do my clients think of me?

They think I am very handsome and confident.

Other things you should know about me

I came to Cottesloe Vet nearly two years ago, I was brought in from a station in the middle of WA, I didnt like anyone when I first got here but now the staff at Cottesloe Vet are my family. I make friends with all the clients and patients. I like to help keep patients warm when they are recovering from Anaesthetic by snuggling up to them. I also like to sleep in cupboards and carry cases. Im a little mischevious but very lovable. :)