Ninja 6 years
Domestic Short Hair, Ginger & White
Deloraine Veterinary Centre, TAS

Save the Tassie 'Devil'!

Job title

Fur Distributing Receptionist

My day-to-day task list

My day begins by welcoming my colleague’s; I then check all vehicles (staff or client) for any invaders. In winter the majority of my day is spent warming the vets’ overalls ready for them to use. I like to pop out to reception to collect pats from clients and to assess the patients visiting for the day. Late in the afternoon I play hide and seek hoping to evade the bed time lockup.

My favourite things

Food! I like to sample any pet foods (dog or cat) which we stock and I am happy opening my own bags - no assistance needed!

My naughtiest habit

I like to see the clients in my neighbourhood and have been known to visit them via their cat doors! I have also been known to strut my stuff down the main street on the weekends or afterhours and have found myself wandering the local news agency. My colleagues call me naughty, but I am just social!

What do my clients think of me?

I am well loved by my clients and many ask for my where-abouts when I am not gracing the reception area.

Other things you should know about me

Originally a Melbourne boy, I was saved by my clinic and travelled over on the Spirit of Tasmania. I was the clinic blood donor cat for some time but I never really enjoyed that work and would make my colleague’s bleed (I have a good scratch!) during my donations. Strangely, they no longer ask me to donate.