Norman 5 years
DSH (Devilishly Suave & Handsome), Black and White (and tied)
Toowong Family Vet, QLD

"Don't be a bore, man - Vote for Norman!" (I came up with that myself...)

Job title

Sleeper / Eater / Meeter & Greeter / Marketing & Sales / The one everybody hails / (also "THAT guy who doesn't wear pants")

My day-to-day task list

Ughhhhh, what's with all the questions...? It's hard to type when you're a cat! I don't have opposable thumbs! Okay, FIIIINE... 7:00am: Wake up ~ 7:01am: Alert humans of hunger ~ 7:02-7:09: Remind humans of hunger ~ 7:10am: Wasting away, I'm fading, fading, taking my last breath... Finally! Food! ~ 7:11am: Poop ~ 7:12am Sleep ~ 3:00pm: Eat other cat's food ~ 3:02pm: Sleep ~ 5:00pm: Sit on keyboard/fax machine/box/piece of paper ~ 5:05pm: Alert humans of hunger ~ 5:06-7:00pm: Remind humans of hunger ~ 7:01pm: Death imminent from famine ~ 7:02pm: FOOD! ~ 7:03: Poop ~ 7:03pm-6:59am: Sleep

My favourite things

Eating. Sleeping. Eating (while thinking about sleeping). Sleeping (while thinking about eating). Dream-eating. Eat-dreaming. Dream-dreaming. Sleep-eating-dreaming-thinking. I'm sorry, I really need a nap - or food. I'm so confused. Why is life so harrrrddddd??? #firstworldproblems #catlyfe

My naughtiest habit

The girls would say "Doing HUGE poos that STINK!" (they so jelly), but I would have to say spending work time looking up photos of John Stamos. He's just so dreamy...!

What do my clients think of me?

I love the way Norman sends kitty kisses by blinking his eyes at me through the window when I haven't got time to stop!” - Lea Greenaway // “Oh what can I say about Norman? His fashion sense is really second to none! I’ve tried copying his style, I’ve even tried wearing identical bow ties and a black and white tipped tail, but I just can’t replicate his look. I just look like a wannabe cat. Sad really…” - Michael Kilcullen // “We love Normie as there has never been a cat with a better modelling portfolio, and because no other cat can pull off a bowtie in a rainbow of colours.” - Sarah, Geoff, George, Lucy, Fred (and Betty the Schnauzer) Day // “We as loyal patients think it is a no brainer that Normie should be voted Australia's Clinic Cat of the Year. Why? you ask. Because Normie has style - he seems to have a different bow tie for each day of the year. Yes that's right, not each day of the week or month, but the year!! He has also inspired us to embrace the bow tie and other costume attire.” - Frankie and Lucy Selleck (Dachshund and DSH) // “So, we love Normie as he is always dapper in his best attire. He greets everyone with a smile and a warm welcome even those of the dog persuasion. He is so mellow and laid back and we love seeing his little face up against the window.” - Robyn and Murphy Mathers // “I think he should be crowned straight away, because - as he will tell you himself - he doesn't have time for these 'petty' competitions (It's ok you can use that joke)” - Conor“ // “He has such high self-esteem and his superior dress sense gets me every time. Go Norman!!” - Ros Brunckhorst // “Normie is DEFINITELY clinic cat of the year. I remember when you were finishing the fitting out of the clinic, and he was a great foreman. I also remember him graciously welcoming all your customers and assisting with first aid demonstrations (when he wasn't occupying the front/centre seat). #vote1normie! (And don't forget, he helps clean up left over food from the cages...)” - Jessica Lambert // “We think Norman is his own man but with many good characteristics (cateristics that is!!). He is appropriate in welcome (ignoring us all) but we love him anyway. Not many cats wear a bow tie or tie so well as he does and it gives him a purrfect look for today’s man. Hudson thinks he is a top bloke and looks forward to spending time with his ‘bro’ on the shelf together when he visits. I just love how he makes the world a better place for felines and us.” - Yvonne and Hudson Osborne // “Our vote will always go to a handsome cat in a bow tie. Best wishes and good luck Norman!” - Susan Shaw // “I just love Normie, what else can I say. Who else puts on a bow tie when they know I'm dropping by.” - Rupert Plummer – Cavoodle // “Norman is the only cat that plays with Steven nicely - I think Steve misses him.” - Imogen Wathen // “Normie is quite simply THE most stylish cat I've ever met. And trust, me, I know style! Lol! True style can't be bought or copied. It comes from within. And Normie ooooozes it! Toowong Family Vet isn't just the best Vet Practice in Brisbane. It's the home of Normie! A double whammy! Vote 1 Normie. Or you'll have Big Al to answer to. That is all xx” - Alison Triffett // “Norman is a cat with that elusive thing we call "star quality". The camera loves him and he really knows how to rock an accessory. The Toowong Family Vet clinic would not be the same without his handsome face and his unflappable presence. We love you, Normie!” - Anthea Whitwell // “I love going to Toowong Family Vet!!! First I get a big drink of water. Then I give Norman a big wet kiss to say hello!!! Norman is great!!!! He isn't scared of me and he never scratches me!!!! Norman is my favourite pussy cat!!! Love from MaxMax!!!!” - MaxMax Biddle – Labrador // “Love walking in and seeing him all chilled out relaxing on his chair with no care in the world.” - Sarah Ketteringham // A Norman Haiku - “Norman on a chair ~ Butts my head and licks my hand ~ Monochrome clears grey” - David Rutherford // “What is NOT to love about Norman, a Meeter, Greeter and Over-Eater without equal. Immaculate in collar and tie, (a bow-tie on special occasions) he is the Practice’s defender and champion. His regal manner and movie-star looks attract the admiration of all. His super-powers are beyond question. In another time Norman would have commanded Pharaohs!!” - Keith Lamb // “Just to see Norman every day, makes my day.” - Joyce Stewart //

Other things you should know about me

  • In my modelling days, I was once brainwashed by a crazed fashion designer to assassinate the President of Micronesia (pretty sure Ben Stiller made a movie about it)
  • I have climbed Mt Everest, but as I have four legs the 'bigwigs' said that it didn't count
  • I ran the New York Marathon dressed up as a human. I came fourth
  • I am a risk taker - "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" - pffft, I still get my nom-noms
  • I sailed a barracuda to Mars once, didn't like it (too hot), so I sailed right back home
  • I was Einstein's mentor
  • I rode a yak across the Savannah
  • I was the reason Sonny and Cher broke up
  • I beat a King Cobra in a ninja star fight in the streets of Saigon
  • Tweety tawt he taw a puddy tat... He did - me
  • I'm the current world champion of Extreme Ironing
  • I wear blue and green without a colour in between
  • I like big butts and I cannot lie
  • I was in the Hangover I (not II and III though - they were terrible...)
  • Catfish - why so confusing? Are you cat? Or are you fish? Can I eat you?
  • I love Bikram Yoga though I cannot sweat
  • I am a nudist and wear only a tie to appease the masses
  • Buy Flowers? I will eat them. I promise
  • The TV show Seinfeld was based on me
  • I invented planking
  • I'm a Brony
  • I am from the cloud family - Cumolo Nimbus to be exact
  • I made a rap album with MC Hammer, but due to his spending, it never saw the light of day
  • I am the Batman
  • I took a plane to Ibiza... With John Travolta
  • I once broke the internet after I posed on a cover with nothing but a glass on champagne on my hiney
  • I am the original Thunder Cat
  • I partied all night in Vegas with Humphrey B. Bear & Charlie Sheen #winning
  • I am Gangnam Style
  • Now I ain't sayin' I'm a gold digger, but I kinda am...