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Norman 5 years

DSH (Devilishly Suave & Handsome), Black and White (and tied)
Toowong Family Vet, QLD

"Don't be a bore, man - Vote for Norman!" (I came up with that myself...)

Job title

Sleeper / Eater / Meeter & Greeter / Marketing & Sales / The one everybody hails / (also "THAT guy who doesn't wear pants")

My day-to-day task list

Ughhhhh, what's with all the questions...? It's hard to type when you're a cat! I don't have opposable thumbs! Okay, FIIIINE... 7:00am: Wake up ~ 7:01am: Alert humans of hunger ~ 7:02-7:09: Remind humans of hunger ~ 7:10am: Wasting away, I'm fading, fading, taking my last breath... Finally! Food! ~ 7:11am: Poop ~ 7:12am Sleep ~ 3:00pm: Eat other cat's food ~ 3:02pm: Sleep ~ 5:00pm: Sit on keyboard/fax machine/box/piece of paper ~ 5:05pm: Alert humans of hunger ~ 5:06-7:00pm: Remind humans of hunger ~ 7:01pm: Death imminent from famine ~ 7:02pm: FOOD! ~ 7:03: Poop ~ 7:03pm-6:59am: Sleep

My favourite things

Eating. Sleeping. Eating (while thinking about sleeping). Sleeping (while thinking about eating). Dream-eating. Eat-dreaming. Dream-dreaming. Sleep-eating-dreaming-thinking. I'm sorry, I really need a nap - or food. I'm so confused. Why is life so harrrrddddd??? #firstworldproblems #catlyfe

My naughtiest habit

The girls would say "Doing HUGE poos that STINK!" (they so jelly), but I would have to say spending work time looking up photos of John Stamos. He's just so dreamy...!

What do my clients think of me?

I love the way Norman sends kitty kisses by blinking his eyes at me through the window when I haven't got time to stop!

Other things you should know about me

  • In my modelling days, I was once brainwashed by a crazed fashion designer to assassinate the President of Micronesia (pretty sure Ben Stiller made a movie about it)
  • I have climbed Mt Everest, but as I have four legs the 'bigwigs' said that it didn't count
  • I ran the New York Marathon dressed up as a human. I came fourth
  • I am a risk taker - "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" - pffft, I still get my nom-noms
  • I sailed a barracuda to Mars once, didn't like it (too hot), so I sailed right back home
  • I was Einstein's mentor
  • I rode a yak across the Savannah
  • I was the reason Sonny and Cher broke up
  • I beat a King Cobra in a ninja star fight in the streets of Saigon
  • Tweety tawt he taw a puddy tat... He did - me
  • I'm the current world champion of Extreme Ironing
  • I wear blue and green without a colour in between
  • I like big butts and I cannot lie
  • I was in the Hangover I (not II and III though - they were terrible...)
  • Catfish - why so confusing? Are you cat? Or are you fish? Can I eat you?
  • I love Bikram Yoga though I cannot sweat
  • I am a nudist and wear only a tie to appease the masses
  • Buy Flowers? I will eat them. I promise
  • The TV show Seinfeld was based on me
  • I invented planking
  • I'm a Brony
  • I am from the cloud family - Cumolo Nimbus to be exact
  • I made a rap album with MC Hammer, but due to his spending, it never saw the light of day
  • I am the Batman
  • I took a plane to Ibiza... With John Travolta
  • I once broke the internet after I posed on a cover with nothing but a glass on champagne on my hiney
  • I am the original Thunder Cat
  • I partied all night in Vegas with Humphrey B. Bear & Charlie Sheen #winning
  • I am Gangnam Style
  • Now I ain't sayin' I'm a gold digger, but I kinda am...

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner