Oliver (Ollie) 18 years
DLH, Ginger
Canberra Cat Vet, ACT

Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee, you know you want to vote for me!

Job title

Pathologist/ Cat Doctor (I utilise CCV consulting rooms after hours to see personal clients)/ Purr Machine/ Cat model for Canberra Cat Vet facebook page.

My day-to-day task list

I am an old man so have retired from official work duties... BUT do dabble in the previously mentioned jobs from time to time

My favourite things

1. TUNA (I have it as a treat every now and then) 2. My hottie that warms up in the microwave for cold winter nights. It really helps my arthritis! 3. My “STUD” cat jumper – need I say more

My naughtiest habit

I can’t seem to contain my cat litter to its tray when I use it… No matter how big the tray is… I also like to carry the litter around in my coat and leave a trail of it around the clinic just so everyone knows where I am.

What do my clients think of me?

They love me and I often pop out to the waiting room to greet them and say "Hi"!

Other things you should know about me

My previous owner passed away sadly and because I have a couple of medical issues (and a true disliking of dogs) it might have proved tricky to re-home me at the time. Anyway, the staff at CCV fell in love with me so decided to keep me on as a clinic cat. Canberra Cat Vet had only recently opened so it seemed fitting that I stay on to make sure things ran smoothly. After all, what’s a CAT HOSPITAL without a resident cat?!