Pepper 7 years
Domestic Short Hair, Grey + White
Vetmed, West Lindfield, NSW

I don't need Salt with my Pepper

Job title

Full Time Sleeper

My day-to-day task list

I start off my day with being welcomed by my servants and demanding a big bowl of yummy food, sometimes I let them fill it up and just walk off without eating it. After I have been served my breakfast I sit by the back door and annoy the girls until someone opens the door for me to enter the outside world so I can start working on my tan. After my daily tan is complete I like to sharpen my nails on the door until one of my servants opens it for me. Once they have let me back inside I walk over to my throne and have a nap for 3 hours where no one is to disturb me. Lunch time comes around and I generally get up and pretend to engage with the girls in hopes of getting some of their delicious human food, seeing as I don’t get any of their human food, I roll on my back and look cute and wait for my opportunity to pounce. They tend to repay me with bringing out the beloved purple brush; this is my favourite part of the day, other than food time. They give me a good brush and make sure that I’m looking fabulous for my day of sleeping and patrolling the clinic. I don’t like any other animals entering my kingdom and if they dare to enter they know not to return. When 5pm comes around after a hard day at the office and it’s time for my evening meal and to call it a night where I will get my beauty sleep for another day of being Pepper.

My favourite things

My amazing purple brush, food.. always food and sneaking up on the counter to steal treats

My naughtiest habit

Pretending to look cute to get a pat then attacking the staff

What do my clients think of me?

Everyone loves me, how could they not. I'm Pepper?