Phoebe Moo 2 months
Droughtmaster X , Red
UQ Vets Dayboro, QLD

Mooooove On Over!!!

Job title

Chief Stable Manager

My day-to-day task list

I love my bottle of milk, sunbaking, and playing with my stable mate, Ralphy Ray Moo.

My favourite things

Milk, milk and more milk!

My naughtiest habit

I get very hungry at feed time and sometimes I try and knock the girls over when they feed me. If I'm really hungry and bored, sometimes I like to chew on Ralphy Ray's ear! I also like to run around on my sore leg which makes them a bit angry!

What do my clients think of me?

Everyone who visits me tries to sneak me in to their cars and take me home!

Other things you should know about me

My mum accidently stood on my leg and broke it when I was only 1 week old. It was a pretty bad break, and life was looking pretty dull for me. Then the lovely vets from UQ Vets Dayboro fell in love with me straight away and wanted to save me! I got the stables to myself, with a nice comfy floor, warm bedding and the girls spoiling me with lots of cuddles and warm milk. They took some pictures of my leg and were able to put a splint on to try and keep it from moving too much. I then got a fantastic surprise one morning, I got a stable mate! Ralphy Ray Moo was my new buddy, who lost his mum when he was born, so he needed to be spoilt with lots of cuddles and bottles too. We now get to live in the stables together and are great friends, however we do like to run around in the mornings, which I'm not really meant to do.