Prince Charles AKA Charlie 3 years
Royalty, Black and White
Kingaroy RSPCA, QLD

It's a Royal life

Job title


My day-to-day task list

Working for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a tough gig. There are many duties for a Prince, to promote unity and allegiance, bring people and animals together across society, representing the royal family, the list goes on. My day commences with my Royal servants arriving and checking on me, this involves breakfast - the most important meal of the day- a full body scratch and welcoming everyone upon their arrival. I then assume my position upon my throne where I oversee the workers ensuring the work is completed to a high standard and my fellow four legged friends are cared for. Once the work is completed, the doors to the palace are opened and the people come, there are all kinds of people, my duty is to greet them with a Royal greeting, welcoming each individual as they enter the room. Some people do not appreciate that they are in the company of royalty. Before I know it lunch time is upon us-,there appears to be some uncertainty here... I believe there is a 3 course meal for me, however my humans tend to test the entire meal rather than just a sample to ensure it is safe for my consumption. Then it is time for a bath and nap, I retreat to my room and find a chair with some afternoon sun. After my bath and nap it's time to complete the paperwork, I promptly make my 3ay to the office desk and assist with organising the paperwork and helping with the computer work- opposable thumbs are not a requirement for paperwork. Then it's time for the banking, I oversee the banking to ensure everything is in order, request my afternoon feed and then it's time to retire for the evening. Then we do it all again. The job of a prince is 7 days a week!

My favourite things

I only like the best of everything- catnip, turkey, roast chicken...

My naughtiest habit

I'm not naughty- it's all in how you perceive things

What do my clients think of me?

Clients? I don't have clients- I have followers

Other things you should know about me

As a male ruler and a noble feline of the RSPCA Kingaroy you are sure to meet me when you attend the shelter. I expect to become an attraction at the shelter, but having only recently moved in to the Kingaroy Palace, the followers are minimal. i do however, ensure I greet each and every follower who comes to the shelter, well not so much the Canine's... I just respect them from a distance. The humans at the shelter respect me and understand that if I am sleeping on a chair it is best not to disturb me, rather to go and get another chair. The duties are endless and my work stretches over 7 days a week. The paperwork always plentiful and always a need to re-arrange and I must say I am talented at this. 


Should  you wish to come and meet me, I am always in the office at the Kingaroy RSPCA and respond to many names including Your Highness, Prince Charles and when we are more familiar Charlie or Charlie Bear!