Prince Charming 2 years
D.S.H, Black & White
Concord Veterinary Hospital, NSW

"Tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999"

Job title

Chief Veterinary Manager!

My day-to-day task list

My morning begins when I’m the first animal in the clinic to be fed, the nurses sometimes hide my food around the treatment room and make me forage for it or do tricks for food which makes me very sleepy. During our busy consult hours, I hardly move a muscle unless someone touches a bag of food! So I then sleep until about 12pm. Usually around lunch time the Vets and Nurses are all working hard doing treatments on sick animals - this is when I like to vocalise and make a general ruckus to distract the animals from the scary needles (and mildly annoy the vets). I then do my afternoon rounds, I like to check up on all the guests and ensure I view (and sometimes taste) the quality of their meals. Every now and then I help myself to afternoon tea (Banana) when discussing the day with staff in the lunch room. I then say goodbye to our guests as they each leave for the day, and clean out their rooms (eating any food left in their hospital cages)

My favourite things

Testing out patient’s beds and food!! Musical artist – Prince, Vocalising and making a ruckus when really not needed and ofcourse dressing up for special occasions

My naughtiest habit

Breaking into our client’s special food orders!

What do my clients think of me?

The Concord Veterinary Hospital Clients absolutely love me!

Other things you should know about me

Rescued by The Cat Protection Society at about 9 months old the vets at Concord Veterinary Hospital health checked me!
The vets found out that after many tests I was not going to have a good rehoming prospect as they were unsure of my future…
I was diagnosed with Central and Peripheral Insipidus Diabetes, my form is so rare that I could not even be included in Dr Richard Malik’s study!
As I had been living with the Concord Vet Hospital Family whilst having treatment I truly made myself at home and everyone fell in love with me, it was only fair for Dr David Hughes to adopt me!
Since being adopted by the CVH Family I have settled into the great hotel service in my Stately Art Deco Bank Building enjoying seeing new guests to the clinic daily.
Due to my severe stomatitis my tongue sometimes sticks out as I’ve had missing incisors (The Vets seemed to think I looked a lot like Gene Simmons – one of my many nick names) and recently I have been very brave in undergoing a major dental and now only have a few big teeth left!