Ruby 15 years
Domestic Short Hair, Tabby
Heritage Vet Clinic, VIC

Ruby Rules!

Job title

Overlord of the front desk and Professional pat taker

My day-to-day task list

Await my two legged "servants" to arrive and prepare my gourmet breakfast. Greet any two legged visitor and demand attention and affection from them, ignoring the lesser four legged beings that accompany them. Why do they insist on bringing them here? Do my rounds to ensure my 3 water bowls are clean and full, food is in my bowl and my royal throne (litter) is fresh. If these demands are not fulfilled I will be sure to tell my servants loudly until something is done about it. If my demands have been met, relax in my comfy igloo.

My favourite things

Attention and pats from humans, stirring up non-humans, lying on front desk supervising the common folk, sitting on the window ledge for my afternoon sunbake, receiving treats and presents from my many admirers.

My naughtiest habit

Stealing the liver treats from the consult rooms. I mean, come on, they are just sitting there to be eaten!

What do my clients think of me?

They absolutely adore and love me, obviously! Who wouldn't?!

Other things you should know about me

After losing my way in this kingdom of Coburg, a nice townswoman brought me to Heritage Vet Clinic. At first I was to be shipped off to the local orphanage for lost cats. As if this would happen! I charmed my way into the hearts of these guillible nurses and vets and convinced them they need me to run the place and bring more townsfolk in. And it worked, silly humans!