Sir Richard 3 years
Domestic Shorthair, Tabby
Melton Veterinary Clinic, VIC

Life is Grand! Thank you for my second chance of life!

Job title

Nurse Manager

My day-to-day task list

Test all the patients beds, Making sure all patients are ok by going up to and sniffing every cage when they are in them, flossing my teeth on the blinds cord and sneak up quietly and sit under the surgical table just before surgery about to commence.

My favourite things

Scare the clients so they think there I am a patient loose in the clinic, sitting on the bear hugger when it is on, and sit onto of the recovery cages in surgery to supervise all the staff

My naughtiest habit

Opening bags of cat food from the shelf, peeing in staff bags when they leave them on the floor or lunch room table, steeling staff lunches and doughnuts off the table and tricking everyone to think I haven't been feed.

What do my clients think of me?

I am the most purrrfect cat. I run the clinic to a T and they would be lost without me. My presence alone brightens up everyone's day.

Other things you should know about me

I was rescued and brought to the Melton Veterinary Clinic as a stray, six week old kitten, which had been dumped in a plastic bag on the side of the westren highway. I was covered in dirt and mud but the only injury evident was a small corneal ulcer. This quickly healed with medication and unconditioning love from all the staff and clients. My Nurses and Vets quickly fell inlove with me and I was promptly adopted. To top it all off I was accepted by the other clinic cat "Mama Cat" who I simply adore. Thank you for my loving home