Snoopy 13 years
Domestic shorthair, Mackerel Tabby
Dardanup Veterinary Clinic, WA

Iv got Catattude!!

Job title

Inhouse mood counsellor, Pied piper of the airducts, WatchCat and night guard, personal taste tester

My day-to-day task list

Wait for the Vet nurses to arrive and greet them as they come in, Get let out to walk around and check on all in house pasients, Go outside to do my business and patrol the perimeter, Come back in time to greet the vet, get a cuddle and ask for some milk, Look for mice and mischievous things to do around the clinic, then go visit Milly our practice goat, Come back inside for some milk again and lunch , patrol the clinic again to see what everybody is up to, come back just before closing time ...order from the inhouse food menu...wait for food and curl up for the night greeting everybody as they leave

My favourite things

MILK and beef rolls - you can buy my sole with milk

My naughtiest habit

Opening bags of food for clients....just to check their freshness (LOL)

What do my clients think of me?

They love seeing a friendly face everytime they come to the clinic that has been here from the beginning

Other things you should know about me

My staff think I am an excellent practice cat that is always there when you need me and never in the way. I "talk" with my eyes so you know exactly what I am thinking. I love being my vets "shoulder parrot" and walk around the clinic.