Squeak 12 years
Domestic Short Hair, Tabby
Mooney Street Vet Surgery, QLD

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Job title

Supervisor and clinic patient ambassador

My day-to-day task list

First thing in the morning, I petition the nurses to feed me and the other cats as soon as feasible. After we have all had our sustenance, I groom each of the other clinic cats to make sure everyone looks their best. I supervise all transactions at the reception desk by lying right in front of the computer monitor. When puppies and smaller dogs come in to the clinic, I do my best to welcome them by offering them a quick groom.

My favourite things

Food and the clinic cockatiel, Flynn

My naughtiest habit

Stalking Flynn when he goes for his morning jog along the clinic floor

What do my clients think of me?

The clients reckon I am a big smooch and look forward to seeing me when they come in.

Other things you should know about me

I was left in a box at the front of the surgery just about 12 years ago. Mooney Street Vet Surgery has been my home ever since I can remember. When I am not helping nervous patients feel better about their visit to our clinic, I am good at finding quiet, warm, little hiding places in the surgery . I also enjoy sleeping in the garden when it is nice and sunny outside.

For updates as to what my two deputies, Impy and Toby and I get up to, check us out on our Mooney Street Vet Surgery Facebook page  :)

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