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Tabitha 3 years

DSH, Tabby
Morisset Vet Hospital, NSW

Fatty McFatFat

Job title

Supervisor of all things edible, and overseer of consultations

My day-to-day task list

Breakfast, followed by asking for more breakfast. When this unsuccessful I find a soft spot in the sun and lay down until consultations start. During consults I sit in the doorway and stare at the dogs that come in, and keep them in line with the occasional hiss or swipe if they get too close. Sometimes I like to mix this up by rubbing myself against various dogs and being generally friendly with them, so no-one really knows what to expect of me. Sometimes I like to chase my tail or fluff on the consult room floor while consults take place. Occasionally I like to scratch the paint of the door just for something different (see photo). Then, during surgery I like to either sit in the way of animals and people moving about, and refuse to move, or find another spot in the sun to sleep. Often I sleep amongst the towels and cause great trouble for anyone trying to get on off the shelf. In the afternoon, I like to start reminding everyone to feed me about 2 hours before dinner is due, as you can never trust these humans, they might forget! Then once I have been fed, I will either sit on Dr Esther's keyboard, lap, or bench top, and chew up any paper I can find. Then my work is comeplete.

My favourite things

Food, chasing my tail, food, chasing my toy mice, food, chasing fluff on the floor, food, Dr Esther or Dr Justin's lap, and more food.

My naughtiest habit

Scratching paint off the doors and walls, randomly biting the hand that is petting me, stealing any food of any kind that is lying around (except a/d, I hate a/d and will not touch it!).

What do my clients think of me?

Clients realise obviously that I am the boss of the place. Some love me and think I'm the ants pants (which of course I am), others are very wary of me as they don't understand why I don't run away when faced with their large exuberant canines (I stand down for no beast!).

Other things you should know about me

Tabitha arrived at our clinic in November last year as a stray with no microchip, and despite our best efforts we could not find her owners. 

She fit in straight away, made herself at home, and won all of our hearts with her very affectionate and playful nature. She has never shown any desire to go outside, and has never been intimidated by the heavy human and animal traffic that occurs here on a day to day basis, so we decided she could stay and have never regretted our decision. 

She is quite a special cat, and we love her to bits (even when she destroys our walls and paperwork!)

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner