Toby 1 year
Domestic Short Hair, Tabby
Sunshine Veterinary Clinic, VIC

Tarzan, renamed Toby, was swinging from a vine.

Job title


My day-to-day task list

Ensure clinic cat food bowls filled, check external doors can be opened on demand, ensure two-leggeds have cleaned overnight kitty litter tray, take up position on front counter, purr when patted, ensure daily supply of cat treats served, sleep, sleep, sleep, check availability of nurse for door opening duties, ask directions for somewhere warm to nap outside otherwise request sleeping rug on top of laptop at front desk, sleep, sleep, eat and then retire. Allow 5 minutes to give loves to clinic nurses to ensure they behave tomorrow.

My favourite things

Eating and sleeping

My naughtiest habit

Typing on client records when no-one is looking and eating staff lunches when they have misbehaved which I think, happens quite often..

What do my clients think of me?

Cuddly, approachable and purrable.

Other things you should know about me

My little baby legs were being strangled tight

On a vine, on a fence, I tried to escape with all my might.

As a newborn kitten I was cold and scared

A kindly workmen brought me into the Sunshine Vet clinic for care.

They saved my leg and saved my life

I purred so strongly and caused such strife.

I purposely purred my way into their hearts

I certainly showed I had all the necessary survival smarts.

Now they love me.