Toulouse 3 months
Domestic Shorthair, Ginger tabby
Zillmere Vet Surgery, QLD

Toulouse for Clinic Cat 2016

Job title

Cuddle Monster

My day-to-day task list

Give lots of cuddles, attack the humans hands, sleep, attack again, eat, sleep, poop and eat some more.

My favourite things

My favourite things to do are eating all the food and practicing my ninja moves; I'm getting pretty good!

My naughtiest habit

Chomping on my peoples hands, in my defence I am teething.

What do my clients think of me?

Our clients all think that I am adorable of course and my I purr my loudest when they give me cuddles and let me bite their hands. I even have a few fans that come in just to see me (well I'm pretty sure that's why they come?). What can I say, I am super cute!

Other things you should know about me

I was found all alone under somebodies house at approximately 3 weeks of age. A kind lady took me into the Zillmere Vet Surgery and the girls all fell in love with me and decided I would stay here. As i was so young the nurses all took turns bottle feeding me and having sleep overs at their houses.  I now have my own Instagram account so if you would like to follow my adventures head on over to . Thank you!