Twistie 2 years
Domestic Mid Hair, Ginger
Toorak Road Veterinary Clinic, VIC

The Ginger Ninja

Job title

Supervisor & Puppy trainer

My day-to-day task list

Breaking into the fit n flash treats, Sitting in front of the patient cages just because, Bird watching - making sure the clinic bird Bentleigh is keeping himself in line, Dog minding and puppy training - Ruby needs to know who is in charge here - supervising the packing of the surgical kits, helping to look after the animals in recovery.

My favourite things

Basking in the sun in reception, stealing the treats and showing off in Puppy Preschool (I can sit, high five and drop) and hiding just before closing time

My naughtiest habit

I will do anything to get at Fit 'n' Flash treats, including breaking into nurse Tina's puppy preschool kit or the store room if there is a chance I can pinch some! I also took some out of the mouth of a puppy during puppy preschool last week...

What do my clients think of me?

They love me… lets be honest, who wouldn't! They respect my cat nature and are happy to leave me be when its not designated cat petting time… I am also a constant feature on the clinic Facebook page and a star in Instagram!

Other things you should know about me

I came to the clinic as a wee kitten just 6 weeks old and adorable! Since then I have won over the hearts of the staff and clients alike. The kids from Camberwell South Primary school love me! I am lucky enough to not be 'just another clinic cat' and spend heaps of time at Dr Louise's house and sometimes with Nurse Tina.  I have been a trainer in puppy preschool since I was 7 months old and constantly amaze the clients with how chilled I am with both dogs and puppies. I am even willing to demonstrate how to clean teeth, as long as  I get fit 'n' flash afterward :-) Life is pretty great!!!