Twistie 10 months
DSH, Tortie & White
Bacchus Marsh Veterinary Centre, VIC

Just a little kitten with a bit of a twist

Job title

Professional nuisance, destroyer of boxes, light entertainment.

My day-to-day task list

Mostly napping, typically on vets paperwork while they try to work. Ocassional consult interruption, lunch sampling, laser chasing and some more napping.

My favourite things

The laser pointer, sleeping upside down, scaling the highest shelves in the clinic & napping.

My naughtiest habit

See all of the above, maybe include dive bombing dogs in the waiting room. If you think that's a bad habit.

What do my clients think of me?

Most clients think I'm the sweetest little tilted kitten to ever grace the planet, some clients with dogs think I'm a bit of a trouble maker.

Other things you should know about me

Little Miss Twistie, or Chicken Twistie McTwist and I am sometimes called, came to the clinic as a stray kitten with a horribly infected ear. Deep down in my ear canal I had polyps residing and giving me my characteristic head tilt. I've had 3 operations and numerous treatments for my recurrent ear problems and in that time the clinic became so enamoured with me, that they decided I could stay on as the resident special needs kitten, lucky them! Besides what's life without a little bit of a twist.