Valencia 3 years
Canary, Orange
Animal Tracks Vet Clinic, NSW

Homebush Clinic Canary

Job title

Waiting Room Therapist

My day-to-day task list

I spend my mornings relaxing and basking in the sun, then I play with my ropes and toys until it's time to peck at my seeds and spill it everywhere.

My favourite things

My beautiful reflection and my delicious broccoli

My naughtiest habit

I love bathing in my clean water bowl, making a big mess in the waiting room and then blaming the wet puddles on the dogs!

What do my clients think of me?

They love my beautiful songs! Sometimes I sing so loud, they have to shout to each other!

Other things you should know about me

I am named after the fruit - the Valencia Orange, like me is sweet, vibrant and loved by all. Although I may be cheeky and love making my humans clean up after my mess, I definitely still work very hard. My job as the Waiting Room Therapist is to destress, distract and entertain all my human and fur friends in the waiting room. I sing beautiful songs which is like gold to their ears. And sometimes I like to taunt my fur friends a bit because I know they cannot reach me, although some have gotten pretty close! I haven't asked the humans yet, but I'm pretty sure if I win, they will be using the prize money to buy my lots and lots of broccoli!