Baggins 2 years
Border Collie X Kelpie, Tri Colour
Seville Veterinary Clinic, VIC

I'm there when you need me

Job title

Grief Counseler and Clinic Seat Warmer

My day-to-day task list

Greeting Clients. Keeping seats warm in the waiting area. Entertaining people in the waiting room. Being there for a cuddle when ever anyone is upset. Sleeping all day in the office.

My favourite things

to sit on the waiting room seats out my paw on customer shoulders if they are upset or just ignoring me

My naughtiest habit

stealing treats from the store room when everyone is busy and no one is watching

What do my clients think of me?

Clients love me, I am adorable why wouldn't you

Other things you should know about me

I am Baggins, I belong to Marilyn and come to the clinic every day. I have steped up and become the clinic "Cat" after the recent passing of dear CC.

I am always there for you when you need me. Most of the time I know you need me befor you do. I love to comfort people when they need it.

I also love to sleep my day away in the office, and play with dogs in the waiting room and have made many great friends. 

I look after the staff too, if there is a cat thats a little upset or a bird that dosent like being handled i will be there. Just watching not touching but I will be there to make sure everyone is safe. 

My favourite thing to do at the clinic is keep the seats warm, I will let you sit next to me if you give me a pat, if you ignore me I will put my paw on your shoulder just to remind you that Im there.