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Big Tony 6 years

Domestic Short Hair, Black
My Vet Twin Towns, NSW

"Great cats are not born great, they grow great..."

Job title

The Boss

My day-to-day task list

general over-seer, meeting and greeting clients and patients, doing "quality control" checks on cupboards, lockers, cages and packing boxes, helping type and do paperwork at reception. Sometimes I also need to act as bodyguard for other little cats if they are unhappy in hospital.

My favourite things

pats AALLLLLLLLL day! I also enjoy saying hello to the other cat and rabbit patients (but I don't like dogs so much), sitting in the sun, sitting on the practice managers knee while she does paperwork, and teasing the birds outside in the garden. I also enjoy dressing up for Christmas (have a look at the pictures of me dressed up with Christmas decorations!!)

My naughtiest habit

ankle tapping people as they walk past if they don't stop to pat me!

What do my clients think of me?

they all LOVE me and stop and pat me when I'm sitting on the reception counter. Sometimes they want to wake me up from sleeping in my bed in the hospital so they can pat me! Some clients have even asked if they can take me home, but my work mums always say no, they would miss me too much, and I would miss them (especially the practice manager who is my girlfriend)

Other things you should know about me

I was found lying on the side of the road and was brought in to the clinic as an injured stray. I was not desexed or microchipped, very skinny and had horrific cat fight wounds EVERYWHERE. I was in such a bad way - clearly I wasn't cut out for life on the streets.

The girls at MyVet Twin Towns decided to fix me up and then look for a new home for me. However, after keeping me in hospital on antibiotics for two weeks they all fell in love with me and decided that my fur-ever home would be the clinic! They desexed me, and checked I didn't have any nasty diseases like FiV and then vaccinated me. 

I was named Big Tony because I came from the streets and needed a gangster name - although there is nothing gangster about me anymore, I just want pats and cuddles all the time! My favourite slogan is from The Godfather, which I have changed a little to suit myself "Great cats are not born great, they grow great..." I feel like this is pretty appropriate for me because of my rought start to life before ending up at the clinic with all my mums - I sure have grown great!

While I get to do anything I want during the day I do have to go to bed in a cage at night time - my mums have made it pretty special though and it's been pimped out with a fluffy igloo bed, a water fountain, and some pictures of mice on the walls!! I love my bed so much sometimes I take myself off to bed before it's actually bedtime!

Sometimes the funny things I do go on the clinic facebook page, and recently I was featured in the clinic newsletter, so now I'm famous in print and on the internet! 

Let's talk business - vote for me and I'll make you an offer you can't refuse (pats!!!)

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner