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Brian 7 years

DSH, White and Black
Belmont Avenue Veterinary Hospital, WA

Intellect Is Over-rated

Job title

Security Guard/In-patient

My day-to-day task list

I start the day by meowing at the atrium door until sumone lets me owt. I have a drink from the fishpond, while chekking that the fish are all okay, then I clime the tree that's in there, go over the roof and wate at the frunt door to be let in (as I'm pritty sure you kan only go IN the atrium door, but not owt). Then I go and chek all of the hospital and bording cats are behaving themselves; hav brekkie; continue to escape owtside then ask to be let in again a minit later - i do this repetedly - until i feel it's time for a nap (which is wherever i like). I'm suposed to go to bed at night, but i usually hide, so i can patroll the hospitil. My other job is meeting the puppies in puppy classes. I've been doing this for yeers, and i don't mind when the puppies likk me.

My favourite things

I luv to talK! All the time! I also luv food; teesing dogs in the waiting room; getting attention; and Convenia injexins ( I'm a little aksident-prone).

My naughtiest habit

Spraying in empti cages....hehehe...

What do my clients think of me?

I'm very populir - clients luv me, but don't usually see me for veri long, as any littil noise freeks me owt! That vaccume cleener is out to get me; dogz barking; doors opening, or something being dropped on the floor are signs of danger - so i run!! I'm not a scaredy-kat - i'm just cawshous. But when i'm not out the front, clients alwayz ask where i am :)

Other things you should know about me

Contrary to wat sum peeple thinc, i'm actully very intelligint - I'm even typing this myself!! I can have hole convirsations with my peeple (although i have no idea wat they're saying!) 

Sadly, I lost my deer freind T.O.C.C. last yeer, so i've bean King of the Castle for awhile. Then my peopil decided to get a new freind for me - T.N.C.C..... HMMPH!! O, i gess she's pretty sweet, and we hang out a lot, so i suppose they can keep her. I still rool this place, tho!!

If you want to know wot i'm up to, chek out the Belmont Avenue Veterinary Hospital Facebook page! :

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner