Charlotte 5 years
Ragdoll, Bi-Colour
Greater Springfield Veterinary Hospital, QLD


Job title

My primary role is that of a client liaison officer, however, I also enjoy being involved in aspects of mental health, stress relief and wellbeing administration, quality control assurance, and I aid as the perfect client demonstrator model.

My day-to-day task list

I wake up around 7.00am to breakfast in bed. I stretch and preen until I feel fabulous enough to venture into the public eye. I like to meet and greet clients and their pets, and enjoy having them admire me from any/all directions. At lunchtime, I give my nurses the ‘stank eye’ as they eat their prepared meals in the staffroom. Sure, I’d like to be offered some of what they are eating – but begging is a habit reserved for dogs, and completely beneath me. In the afternoon I enjoy hooning around the prep room (not in front of the clients of course, as I choose to maintain a professional attitude at all times and don’t want to ruin my image). I particularly enjoy finding and playing with odd pens or needle caps. All the better if they can be knocked onto the floor from a high, clean surface that I probably shouldn’t be sitting on…. In the evening I enjoy relaxing after a good meal. Often, said meal is not delivered on time, but I am working on training strategies for the nurses in this area. I stay up until 10pm, and am then tucked into my designer bed for the night. It's a hard life, but someone's gotta do it.....

My favourite things

I possess a keen interest in surgery, and enjoy monitoring the surgeons and anaesthetists through the viewing windows. I am excited by caesarean surgeries, and assist the nurses with kitten stimulation when I’m not too busy grooming myself. Although I keep myself in top notch condition, I adore having my hair done to perfection by a professional – what girl doesn’t?! Whenever I visit the salon, I always opt for a leave in conditioning treatment ('Aloveen' of course!) which leaves my luscious locks lustrous, and makes me smell delicious! There's no doubt, I am all about the glam. I am a foodie, and would consider myself quite the connoisseur. I love being a team player, and assisting the nurses with cleaning the scraps from bowls that have been left for washing in the sink. I might also have a slight addiction to Feliway. I’ve said it out loud….. Ok?

My naughtiest habit

I love to sharpen my ‘talons of death’ on the designer wicker chairs in our reception area. My personal preference is to ensure there is an available nurse watching me…. I’ll wait until they get within an arm’s length and then I scamper away with delight, scolding free. You might say my other naughty habit is keeping my nurses in check with the odd swipe on the ankle if they haven’t fed me on time. Some nurses are easier targets than others.....

What do my clients think of me?

My clients think that I am spectacular. My eyes are deep, blue, pools of destiny and I always keep my striking, soft fur coat in check. I truly believe that any front-of-house staff member should look their sparkling best. There has not been a day that has gone by without a client commenting on how stunning I am. If I’m honest thought, sometimes being this attractive is exhausting. For that reason, I do most of my work in the sunbeam on the reception floor. I find this is the easiest way to command the full admiration of the clients as they are forced to step over my sprawling body. My clients are also amazed at how tolerant I am of dogs, children and other species - but as a client liaison officer I feel it is imperative to remain inclusive, friendly and professional to all on a daily basis.

Other things you should know about me

I was surrendered to the amazing staff at Greater Springfield Veterinary Hospital as a young, homeless and pregnant mother. My previous family could not be located and the staff at Springfield were non-judgemental about my previous lifestyle on the streets, so I decided the hospital would be a good place to lie low.

I was afforded the chance to gain strength before delivering five healthy kittens. It was best to put them up for adoption as my true destiny was not to be a mother - but to realise my full potential as most glamorous floof in the industry. Now, reception is my catwalk and I slick talk with the big dogs.

I should win, not only because I am a true asset to my practice and a passionate ambassador for inter-species world peace, but because I am also EXTREMELY photogenic. You should want MY face on your website for the next 365 days as 'Clinic Cat of the Year" !