Darcy 5 years
Ragdoll cross, Grey and White
excelVets, QLD

"No matter what you've done wrong, always try to make it look as if the dog did it."

Job title

Dr Darcy

My day-to-day task list

My daily "tasks" are to meet and greet patients that come into ExcelVets, I love getting up close and personal with them, even if the Vets and Nurses lock me out of the room while in a consult I simply go around the other side and open the door to help out. I also keep an eye on patients that have been admitted by hanging over the cage and looking at them upside down, I think it makes them happy.

My favourite things

My favourite things to do during the day is to sneak into the cat consult room and steal the fish greenies that are meant to be for the cats that come in for consultations but I like them better ‘snooze you loose’!! I also like to do my 'model cat walk strutt' past dogs in the waiting room and swing my tail in their face just to tease them a little hehe, but every now and then I will let them have a roll around play with me.

My naughtiest habit

Wellllll least be honest here, SOMETIMES I sneak into the X-ray room and do a little wee just so my 'Homans' know I am still the boss and they are to clean up after me. Oh and I also like to play "burgular" and break into the biggest bag off dog food on the shelf, sometimes the nurse tell me off (if they catch me) because now they can't sell it, but that never last long im still their favourite.

What do my clients think of me?

What can I say I am the star of ExcelVets the clients absoloutley love me even those pesky dogs, I even get clients passing by just to come and say hello to me, aaahhhh the life of a celebrity

Other things you should know about me

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