Ebony 11 years
DSH, Black
Yass Valley Veterinary, NSW


Job title

CEO and Feline Extraordinaire of the Yass Vet Hospital.

My day-to-day task list

Meow continuously until the plebs (aka staff) are aware I am awake and ready to be released from my cage…mess up cage if ignored. Get fed (twice if meows are convincing enough), prowl the clinic and wait for opportunities to get in the way of humans and/or other animals. Morning teatime is my time to shine. Rest of the day involves lounging in sunny areas or various shenanigans outside the clinic (refer to ‘My naughtiest habit’ for more info).

My favourite things

Sleeping on top of printers, trying to make myself fit into in-trays, playing with cotton balls, banter at morning tea time, helping the vets “write up their notes”, fancy dress costumes (highlights include Christmas and Halloween) and most of all our Practice Manager’s lap - the only lap that will be sat on without getting clawed.

My naughtiest habit

Play-swiping our canine patients, picking fights with the cat next door after eating his food, hiding outside for hours when its bedtime, tricking people into feeding me more.

What do my clients think of me?

I’m the clinic favourite of course - what’s not to love about my charisma. I enjoy sitting on their laps or shoulders, especially if they don’t like cats.

Other things you should know about me

I had a rough start in life – being found on the old railway tracks as a fluffball covered in abscesses. I was brought into the clinic by a kind stranger and was treated by the vets and vet nurses there. Once I got better, everyone got too attached so I was moved from cage to cage – the boss was told I was a different cat every time! By the time he figured out what was going it was too late and Yass Vet Hospital became my furever home.


Fast-forward to today and I rule the place. My keen sense of smell for food is second only to my voluptuous figure. I’m the star of the Yass Valley Veterinary Facebook Page and I even have my own section called “The Ebony Files”. Check it out here - https://www.facebook.com/yassvethosp/. VOTE ONE - EBONY!