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Frankie 2 years

DSH, Tabby
Fairford Road Animal Hospital, NSW

Frankie the Lover & Fighter - Vote for me as Clinic Cat of the Year!

Job title

Overseer of All the Staff and Supervisor of All the Animals

My day-to-day task list

Greet clients and their pets, watch my nurses and vets doing their work, sleep, eat, play, get pats when in the mood.

My favourite things

My favourite thing above all else is food but I do enjoy the company of humans when I'm in the mood and enjoy a good scratch behind the ears. I also enjoy playing with my toys particularly my tunnel which is fun to run into.

My naughtiest habit

My naughtiest habit is breaking into food bags on our food shelf in reception! I quite literally eat into our profits!

What do my clients think of me?

Clients think I'm very friendly and a good mascot for Fairford Road Animal Hospital.

Other things you should know about me

Hi my name is Frankie and I am not just the clinic cat for Fairford Road Animal Hospital (FRAH) but am also the mascot, the face of the hospital. Our head vet or head nurse would say they run things here but everyone knows that really I am in charge, in fact I can be constantly found having a snooze in head vet Ed's chair in his office! My life started out pretty rough having been born as a street cat and brought in to the pound at FRAH as a young kitten. For many months I was advertised to go to a new home but sadly no one seemed to want me and I continued to wait to be adopted and find a furever home. Finally after FRAH's previous clinic cat passed away and they were looking for a replacement I volunteered knowing I would be the perfect candidate for I know the hospital very well having lived here for most of my life and I am naturally a very friendly cat so am a big hit with our clients, plus my nurses couldn't bear to not have me around as they have all grown very attached to me (of course!) My nurses would say I am a cat of many talents which include: * I have a skill for using a litter tray even when it is stacked in a huge pile up high. * I have keen hearing for when a can of food is opened but selective hearing when being told off for breaking into food bags! * I am a good role model for the pound cats we have here. * I enjoy basking in the sun at the front door of the clinic. * I am the welcoming committee, welcoming clients and their pets who come through our door. I am the star of our clinic Facebook page with constant photos posted entitled "Clinic Cat Chronicles."


Even though naturally I am a lover I am also a fighter having survived not just one dog attack but two from pound dogs and that hasn't stopped me from tolerating dogs that come through our door.

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