Harvey 11 years
Russian Blue x, Gray
Flinders View Veterinary Surgery, QLD

Purrrrrrveyor of veterinary deals and fine staff meals

Job title

Clinic Security

My day-to-day task list

Quality control testing food, including the nurses lunches and occasionally the odd passionfruit slice that gets left on the bench. I also ensure there is adequate sunlight coming through the windows and do daily tests of the patients heat mats! (What can I say? I'm all about being helpful!)

My favourite things

Hiding behind the reception computer and then swishing my tail so the nurses jump and scream as though they've seen a mouse. Don't worry though, I only do it when there's clients around to enjoy it! I also enjoy food, sleeping and testing the reactivity time of patients (especially the cat aggressive dogs).

My naughtiest habit

I wouldn't say it's my naughtiest habit, probably more so my smartest habit..... I like to pretend that my automatic feeder is broken by eating all the food in the tray really quickly... Then I meow at each of my staff members individually so each one of them also feeds me a meal. I do it mostly to the new slaves in the building too, cause they really fall for my "starving cat" meow!

What do my clients think of me?

Everyone clearly loves me, I'm pretty sure most people only come here to see me, right?

Other things you should know about me

In my younger days, I was a thug on the streets of Yamanto. I thought that was pretty cool until I was "rescued" and given the life of luxury at Flinders View Vets. I am a pretty big deal around here (it's tough!)