Holly 12 years
DSH, Tabby
Townsville Vet Clinic, QLD

"Food is life!"

Job title

Clinic Master

My day-to-day task list

My morning starts off with my nurses arriving at 730am. Some of them let me out of my palace straight away, others wait and ignore my hunger demands. Once I am free I run up the hallway to my desk (aka Toni’s desk) and demand my breakfast. If Toni is having a day off then I walk around and find another morsel to feed me breakfast, sometimes they don’t understand how hungry I really am! After brekkie a snooze is on the cards usually on the reception counter in between greeting my clients. The counter space isn’t very big so my voluptuous figure takes up most of the space. This way when my clients come in, they have no excuse but to pet me. After seeing my morning clients and having my post brekkie nap, I stroll outside to get some fresh air and stir up the stable dog, Naya. She is my arch enemy! I walk around and assess the horses in hospital and then find a nice spot in the garden to work on my tan. I have to give Naya a back hand every now and then as she doesn’t realise that I need my personal space! 1130am arrives and I meander my way into the lunchroom for a quick nap before my staff come in with their (cough cough) MY lunch. The nice ones will share with me, the nasty ones kick me out. They really should share their lunch with me, even though I have been on a diet for 5years, I must keep my figure looking good! I sometimes sneak back in after the lunch rush to find some leftovers and take another nap. I have to do my stroll through the treatment room, x-ray room and lab and then kennels to make sure that my nurses are all ok and their patients are fine. I have snuck into the horse surgery a few times to check-up on things there but the specialist vet doesn’t like me in there and chases me out if he sees me. I need to be much stealthier. I am there always to back up my nurses when they have aggressive dogs they are wrestling, I jump in and give them a hand, I tell the dog what for and not to treat my nurses like that! Afternoon time I finish my paperwork in the vet’s office and take a nap under the aircon as its normally quite warm in the afternoon outside. Dinner time is at 4pm but I am always ready and waiting just after 3pm. Sometimes my nurses ignore me standing there waiting, like they are too busy to give me my dinner! So rude! I yell at them and they just grump at me and tell me to wait as they’re busy, don’t they know I have a figure to uphold! Once they have 5mins to feed me dinner, I then get locked up for the night in the palace and go back to sleep. I have to be locked up as they don’t like me setting the alarms off anymore. I thought it was fun!

My favourite things

FOOD! I believe food is a precious commodity....especially roast chicken....if a patient is too slow to eat their food I will swipe it out of their cage with my paw (I risk losing my paw every day, food is more important) In the morning when the nurses are preparing everyone’s breakfasts, I have to review them all and taste test to make sure they are up to our high standard. I also love to nap. Whether it be on the reception counter whilst my customers pamper me with pats, on the lunchroom lounge hoping for a snack, laying all over my (Toni’s) desk. I don’t mind my photo getting taken but you must get my good side. I’m also partial to sunbaking outside near the stables, it does wonders for my tan, I am always working on my appearance!

My naughtiest habit

I don’t have any naughty habits, although my nurses think I have lots! Apparently stealing food with my paw through the kennel cages and begging for some of my nurses lunches is bad but I don’t think so. I think they should feed me when I ask! I sometime put my paw into Toni’s cold cup of tea when she isn’t looking, I don’t mind the taste of it and those antioxidants are good for me! And then pooping as soon as I am let back into my palace of an evening, like I know I’ve had all day and I’ve been outside and all but I want to make sure that all know this is my cage and so I put my smell in it!

What do my clients think of me?

They sometimes catch a glimpse of me when I am lounging in reception on the counter, they too believe I am precious and gods greatest gift to this earth. They follow my lead when I demand a pat stretched out over the counter knocking off their things! I’m fantastic, they don’t see how cheeky I am behind closed kennel doors!! mwaghaha

Other things you should know about me

I am god of TVC!