Indi 1 year
Domestic Medium Hair, Calico
Springfield District Veterinary Clinic, QLD


Job title

I am a client liaison officer, however, I also enjoy being involved in aspects of mental health, stress relief and wellbeing administration, quality control assurance and I have recently been assigned the role as clinic comedian.

My day-to-day task list

‘Lemme out!’ ‘Lemme out!’ I can’t wait to start my day and itch to be free, explore the clinic grounds and make sure we are ready for business. I love the ‘calm before the storm’ in the mornings and after rounding up a few of my favourite toys, will ping them around the reception floor in a whirlwind of hilarious-ness. I enjoy meeting and greeting clients as they arrive for their morning appointments. I love sitting proudly on the front desk and batting the pens of consent form signers. When reception is at its busiest, I do my part by assisting the receptionists with answering the phone. I am so skilled at phone answering (knocking the receiver off the hook) that it doesn’t even have to ring first! My co-workers find this very helpful, I’m sure of it. I enjoy putting private phone conversations on speakerphone, and making my own client phone calls by walking on the telephone keypad. I really am ‘all about the service’. After my ‘efforts’ front of house I enjoy sneaking into a clean laundry basket or towel cupboard. I would never consider this ‘slacking off’ as it is important I test the comfort and cleanliness of the bedding for our paying customers. My afternoons are filled with fun, fun and more FUN! I screech around corners, crash into things, become a trip hazard for staff and steal toys that are not mine from the vulnerable clutches of hospitalised patients. My life is the best! In the evenings I take the dog for a walk (see attached photo). He is slightly embarrassed by it, but willingly obliges. Getting out and about helps me burn off any leftover energy before bedtime.

My favourite things

As my slogan describes, I am partial to a warm bed. I specifically enjoy beds that have been ‘pre-warmed’ by any patients who have recently been removed from their kennels to go for a walk or have surgery. I especially LOVE it when the kennel heat is on…..ooooohhhh….. toasty! I also love being groomed and pampered by my co-workers. I especially like it when they use ‘Aloveen’ conditioner afterwards. It makes my coat silky smooth and smell deliciously coconutty! I love being a demonstrator model for my clients. This gives me the opportunity to ensure that my customers are comfortable with providing the best care for their own pets by being able to manage treatments at home.

My naughtiest habit

It was only last week that I was scolded for flinging an open blood sampling tube from the laboratory bench top across the room. It was a true ‘thug life’ moment and made a fabulous, colourful mess! Sometimes I help myself to the treat jar at reception. I know I won’t keep this tight figure forever, but those tiny pieces of liver are just SO GOOD!!!!

What do my clients think of me?

My clients think that I am wonderful. I am always ready and willing to assist them and most cannot believe simply how relaxed I am around the general chaos. My presence really shows the generosity and heart of my clinic and people love to hear the story of how I became a permanent family member. *Note to clients - if you can’t find a pen to sign your consent form, it’s probably because I have some hidden in my bed.

Other things you should know about me

I was surrendered to the wonderful staff at Springfield District Veterinary Clinic with a broken foreleg. My orthopaedic surgery repair was tricky but as soon as the staff met me – they knew I was worth the effort. I recuperated at the clinic, all the while, working my adorable kitty magic, and by the time I had healed, the staff just couldn’t let me go!

I believe I should win the Dermcare ‘Clinic Cat of the Year’ award because I would LOVE my very own patient warming system. As quality assurance manager, I promise to test it thoroughly before it goes for what will be almost certainly everyday use in the hospital.

I also look great on the catwalk, hope for inter-species world peace and am passionate about big issues such as the starving big cats in Africa (blah, blah, blah…..)  JUST GIVE ME THE PATIENT WARMER!?