Joseph 13 years
Domestic Short Hair, Tabby & White
Holden Hill Vet Clinic, SA

"Smart, Suave and SophistiCat"

Job title

Practice Manager + Official Food Taster

My day-to-day task list

Task 1: Remind nurses who's in charge Task 2: Have my breakfast prepared for me by 8am SHARP Task 3: Keep heating pad in surgery warm Task 4: Commence staff mind control Task 5: Get minions to carry me around Task 6: Get to highest vantage point in clinic, look down and pass judgement Task 7: Make sure all clients and patients are cuddled and smooched

My favourite things

Cuddles, being fed & chasing the nurses around the clinic when I decide I haven't had enough attention

My naughtiest habit

I like to wee in the consult room sink and, if no one is watching, I like to occasionally wee in very special clients handbags. I am also known for "sharing" my nurses' lunches.

What do my clients think of me?

They think I am the best thing since catnip

Other things you should know about me

In 2017, I am officially 2 years cancer free! Because I am super tough (and also due to the care and skill of my team at the Holden Hill Vet Clinic), I fought and beat my B-Cell lymphoma of the stomach and I am still going strong.

Please visit my Facebook page to keep up with all of my antics.