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MATILDA 2 years


Dogs come when they're called. Cats take a message & get back to you.

Job title


My day-to-day task list

Basically anything I want when I want. But my day usually starts off with my staff feeding me my premium food then its off to check out the rest of the clinic to ensure every thing is up to scratch for the big day ahead. Once I'm satsified it's time for a nap in one of my several spots but primarily on my mat on the frount counter this is for easy access for my donating public to admire and pat me. After an hectic morning of consulting it's time for lunch in which my staff are very well trained and always bring extra for me. Then It's back to the grind stone suppervising hospital and surgery cases out the back, even though our nurses are very well trained I like to keep and eye on them and so I don't miss out on any missed oppotunitues of a pre warmed bed or left overs. Once I now the back is under control it's back to the frount counter to be ready for the afternoon consults. By 5.30pm my tummy is rumbling again and it's time to let my staff know it's getting close to closing time and to feed me. once feed and all cuddled out it's time for me to snuggle into my big fluffy bed for some sweet sweet dreams.

My favourite things

Well my favourite things Mmmmmm theres a few. Number 1 has to be food, well I'm a cat after all. :) then a close seconded has to be my adoring fans that keep a smooth flow of daily cuddles. Of course I have to say in my top 3 are the wonderful nurses & vets who feed & love me unconditionally (even when I'm naughty which is hardly ever hehehe). O must not forget lying in the beautiful sunshine. As a cat I hae to say my life is pretty awsome.

My naughtiest habit

Me have any naughty habits thats hard to believe. Nothing to see here next question.

What do my clients think of me?

What do my clients think of me? well I think, no I know, they think I'm a pretty awesome cat. Why you say I think that? well just take a look I'm pretty gorgeous to start with then my add in my laid back personality to boot. Clients always ask where I am if I'm not in my pride of place on the frount counter as they need to get there Tilly fix for the day. I have quite a few regular clients that pop in just for a cuddle and a chat. There are these 2 gorgeous little girls that come in all the time to see me. They drive there mum mad because every time she drives past the clinic she has to stop for them to come in & have a cuddle with me. They are so adorable.

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner