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Marvin 4 years

DSH, Black/White
Dr Spot's - Campbelltown North Animal Hospital, NSW

Job title

'Uncle Marv' for the adoption kittens, face of Facebook, Second in Command, Pest Control, Emotional Support, Seat Warmer, Entertainment, Welcoming Party, Food Quality Assurance Tester, Snuggle buddy

My day-to-day task list

My day moslty consists of resting in my special 'sales' basket in reception. The nurses have given me a soft blanket instead of those uncomfortable harnesses and leads to lie on (they are so nice!). Here i can sit in the sun with my cat grass and watch all of my furry friends come in and out of the clinic. Sometimes little humans like to climb up on the seats and give me pats - it is always nice to have some company! When I am out and about, I generally say hello to our hospital patients and try to see if anyone has some tasty chicken for their lunch (although generally even if they do - I am stuck eating my special diet to make me 'slim down' - whatever that means!)

My favourite things

I like to say hello to my furry visitors by sitting on their cages or walking up and sitting just out of their reach. Theres a thing that stops them from reaching me; I don't know what it is but it's so funny to watch! My most favouritest thing though, is whenever the staff are helping to give a new life to little kittens. I love looking after them, grooming them and playing rough and tumbles in the staff room. I want to teach them to be big, strong and also have good temperaments - I want them to find a loving home just like I have at my clinic. I started out as an adoption kitten with my brother (who now lives wiht our manager). People weren't interested in us because we weren't fluffy, bright coloured and unique. People saw us as just plain old black and white shorthaired cats. The lovely staff had recently lost their previous clinic cat at the age of 21 (WOW!), and thankfully they fell in love with my personality AND my looks (they call me handsome all the time!). They saved me and gave e the wonderful home I now have there - I want the kittens to be just as happy as me.

My naughtiest habit

My naughtiest habits(s) would have to be rolling over the drapes and gowns that are meant to be cleaned in the big warm steel machine - the nurses don't look happy when I do it. They take all my fur off them after - but I just wanted to show them I like them. I also like breaking into food bags or sneaking into consult rooms when the vets aren't looking. I like being a sneaky ninja kitty!

What do my clients think of me?

Would you believe one day we had a client who was on her way back from work and dropped past the clinic just to say hi to me?! She was so lovely! All of the little humans as well as the big humans always ask where I am. If I am hiding out the back or I am unwell, clients always ask if I am ok. They love to see all of my adventures in my special photo album on Facebook. I think I help them feel better when they are sad or scared. I can keep them occupied if the vets are very busy too which is great - I love the attention!

Other things you should know about me

I would love for you to visit my array of Facebook photos that my clients adore - They love to see my day-to-day antics and watch what I get up to (whilst also seeing lots of other info and updates about our clinic!)

Voting has now closed! Please see the winners of the competition listed here Cat of the Year Winner